Saturday, July 27, 2013

What A Week! School Stuff and a Conference

What a week! I am officially in school mode- teachers in my district return on August 6th. The kids start back on August 9th. Ive spent the last two weeks working in my classroom, organizing and sorting materials. I do not do well with clutter in the classroom and am a little OCD about everything (including baskets) matching. I have officially been put on basket restriction. Mr. Davis was not to thrilled about hauling tons of bright blue and green baskets home to store as I unpacked a new shipment of yellow and black baskets to match my bee theme. I cant wait to post pictures soon when I get everything done. Everything is organized for the most part. Decorating and labeling is left.

When I found out I would be moving to kindergarten in the fall, I immediately started looking for professional development opportunities close to where I live. With my two littles at home, the I Teach K conference in Vegas wasnt an option (maybe next year). I was able to go to the North East Alabama Early Childhood Conference held at Big Spring Lake Kindergarten School this past Wednesday. It was a great day (minus the long drive across state lines to get there). I loved meeting Deanna Jump from Mrs. Jumps Class and Shari Sloane from These two ladies are amazing educators with phenomenal ideas that I cant wait to implement. Shari delivered the keynote address with such an uplifting message about all the fun things kids say in her classroom. What is the funniest thing that a kid has said to you?

With back to school in full swing at the Davis household, Ive been purchasing things like a mad woman. Here are my favorite purchases from this week. Click the pictures for to be linked to the item website. 

Zero the Hero Necklace- I cant wait to wear this every 10 days. When I saw it, I just had to have it. The original manufactuer retired, but has started selling them. They arent on the website yet, but you can order over the phone. So Adorable!!!!

Zero the Hero Puppet- I saw this on It came in the mail yesterday and is so cute! I can't wait to order Zerona for the 100th day!

Shari Sloane CDs- Shari Sloane has a wonderful singing voice and has recorded serveral CDs for classroom use. They will be such an asset to my classroom. Be sure to check them out.

Kits for Shari Sloanes songs- Katie and company has made manipulative kits for many of Sharis songs. I ordered this Letter Pop one and cant wait for it to arrive.

Lakeshore Learning Labels- Ive got to start labeling and Im all about not reinventing the wheel.

I hope you have had a wonderful week! 
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  1. Oh my goodness - you guys start so early! Good luck & enjoy your last few days of summer! I nominated you for a Liebster Award - check out my blog for more details. :)

    Sprinkles for the Teacher

  2. Miss Muir, Thank you so much for your nomination. This is so exciting!
    We do start early; only 2days left of summer!!!