Friday, July 12, 2013

Favorite Pin Friday

It is time for Favorite Pin Friday! I am linking up with Cara at First GradeParade today to show all of my fabulous pins from the week. I dont know what I did before Pinterest! So here are my favorites for the week

Sensory Boxes ~ While looking for ideas for my social centers, I came across the cutest blog with the best ideas for sensory boxes. I am making this bee themed sensory box for the first weeks of school.

Bumble Bee Aprons ~ I ordered these bumble bee aprons from etsy as soon as I saw them. I ordered 2 for my home center and one for me. They will be precious in my bumble bee inspired classroom.

Where do I live? Nesting boxes ~ Teaching the concept of where a student lives is so hard. When I saw these nesting boxes, I immediately pinned it. What a great way to teach a confusing concept.

Red Velvet Pancakes ~ Yum!!! I made these for my family this week and they were a huge hit. The original poster has the cutest blog, Little Baby Garvin. Ive been following it for a while  and she always has the cutest ideas for kiddos and for the house.

Pink Hunter Rain Boots ~ I am in LOVE with these. Definitely on my Christmas list (or maybe it will be a back to school gift for me)!

I love my house. I love that we brought our babies home to this house. BUT the bathrooms are so tiny with no counter space and there are tiny closets in each room. The master closet isnt big enough to hold all my shoes. I love this idea for storage in the bathroom. Im definitely going to have to talk the hubby into this. I could never make this pin work ~ I would just come up as an error. Please let me know if you have seen this so I can give the original poster credit. 

Car Storage ~ Having a little boy means I constantly have toy cars EVERYWHERE!!!! I love this idea to keep them all contained.

I cant wait to see what everyone else pinned! Have a great weekend!

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  1. I, too, LOVE the EC plan book! This will be my first year to use one and I'm too excited!
    (Do all teachers share this same passion, or is it just the two of us?) :)