Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Back to School Shopping Spree

We will be heading back to school soon. Yesterday I spent the day with my mom, shopping for my new kindergarten classroom. My mom is a master teacher, who has taught 30 years. She owns her own preschool and currently teachers state funded pre-K. I love spending time with her; she always has so  many wonderful ideas and such great advice. Whenever I am  around her I am so excited to be in my own classroom. 

Our first stop was The School Box, our local school supply store. I was able to pick up a few cute bulletin board sets for my classroom.  Both of these sets were from Creative Teaching Press. 


Our next stop was IKEA. Can I just say that shopping at IKEA is so much fun. I picked up quite a few goodies for my dramatic play and blocks center. Here are a few of my favorite finds.

 I loved these children's cookware sets from the children's section. 
They were very affordable (between $3-7 a set)

 I was so excited to find this paper roller and paper. The set cost $10. 
Can't wait to see this in my Creation Center. 

I LOVE the IKEA Trofast storage options. My son has a few of these in his bedroom to organize his toys. They are wonderful and so heavy duty. This wall storage system will be great for my science center. I'm contemplating buying another Trofast storage system for my math workstations and my working with word stations. 

 Can't wait to use these train pieces in my block and building center.

What goodies have you bought for you classroom this summer?

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