Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Talking, Drawing, Writing: Chapter 4-The Craft of Drawing

We are in week four of our summer linky book study over Talking, Drawing, Writing. Thus far it has been an excellent book on how to introduce writing to our very youngest learners. Coming from upper grades experiences, it has been very insightful on the best practices in the teaching of reading.

Chapter four consisted of several lesson plans that help students use more detail in their drawings. As the book stated, effective writers use specific detail to inform their audiences. This detail may be in the form of detailed drawings with our younger learners and in the form of words for our older storytellers.

As I read through the chapter, I was so impressed with the quality of the drawings that these young authors were creating. There was so much attention to detail, much more than I ever saw from my second and third graders. Perhaps it was because at that age our main focus is the actual words, publishing with drawings is just the icing on the cake that often gets tossed aside when we run short of time. However, after reading this book, I feel like the students would have more to write about and more detailed paragraphs if they had been able to express their ideas in detailed illustrations.

One question that keeps running through my head as I read this book is the timeframe. How long/how many days are these teachers spending on teaching children to draw? Do they spend a week on actual drawing lessons and then reinforce the skill throughout the year? After participating in this book study, I definitely see such a need for students to learn the craft of drawing because it directly influences student writing in such a positive way.

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