Thursday, June 13, 2013

My 2012-2013 2nd Grade Classroom

Don't you just LOVE to look in other teacher's classrooms? I always try to have my classroom completely finished by preplanning so I can roam around the building to see what all the other teachers in the school are doing. Last year, I had a pirate themed classroom and I loved it. I used a lime green and bright blue color scheme. It made the room so happy and bright. Here are some pictures. 

Door Decoration:  Here is how I decorated the door for the beginning of school. I used the spy glasses to write the name of each student.

 This is the view from the door. My principal let me use tables in my 2nd and 3rd grade classrooms. It was wonderful!!! I'm so not a fan of messy desks and the tables with bookshelves on the end always looked neat. To the left you see my reading center. 
 Here are a few up close pictures of my reading center. I used the cute round rugs from target to make the area cozy. The books were sorted by topic or reading series. 

 I use the round table for my writing center. This was the first day of school so I have student school supplies on the table. 

  Here is my focus wall. I had small pocket charts (Thank you Target Dollar Spot). I had a pocket chart for vocabulary, word study, reading, ELA, math, and science/social studies. On the top of each chart I placed the common core standards we were working on in kid-friendly terms. I usually did this on Monday during my calendar time with the students. Then, throughout the week I would add subject specific vocabulary  or clue cards to each chart. It really helped my kids focus on what we were learning that particular week. 
Science Discovery Center:  My kids loved watching the hermit crabs. I also had books about hermit crabs and our science theme of study for students to read during this center. 

My Pirate Pal... I will blog about my pirate pal in a later post. But... my kids loved being the pirate pal for the week. This is like my star student. 

Calendar and carpet area: We are blessed in my school to have 3M projectors. Mine is on the left end of my white board so I had access to it during calendar/carpet time. During calendar time I taught my kids a new state on the U.S. map each week using picture clues in the map. My kids loved it, and every child in my class knew all 50 states by the time they left 2nd grade!

 CAFE menu
 This was my treasured work board. Throughout the year I used this board to showcase my students' best work.

I hoped you liked peeking in my 2nd grade classroom. 
I can't wait to post pictures of my new kindergarten classroom!

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