Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Student of the Week

So the Davis clan has been very busy this week with bible school at our church. We have had 300 students each day so far. What a wonderful blessing for our small town community! 

I've been thinking a lot about kindergarten. In my first, second, and third grade classrooms I have LOVED letting my kiddos show off using a student of the week program. Each week, I pick one child to showcase.  Some years, I have gone in ABC order but I also love to just pick a child out of the student of the week bag. The week before a child's special week, I send home a letter to my parents explaining the daily activities for the student of the week. The kids look forward to their week with such enthusiasm! 
My Pirate Pal student of the week display board

Each day during the week, our class completes a different activity. My favorite has to be the secret letter. The parents, grandparents, and siblings write letters to the student of the week and send them into me in a sealed envelope. The look son my babies faces when I start to read their special letters are PRICELESS! 

I love for everything in my classroom to revolve around a theme, and have to have everything match. My student of the week is no different. I have had a Pirate Pal for my pirate theme, a Pond Pal for my frog theme, and a Golden Apple for my apple theme. Next year, I plan to have a Honey Bee of the Week to match my honeybee theme. 

In my Teachers Pay Teachers store I have three themed student of the week packets for sale (apple, bee, and pirate) for sale. These are normally priced at $3 but will be on sale for $2 until Friday at midnight. The packets include the day of the week activity schedule and the themed parent letters explaining the activities. The packet also includes information on the student of the week display. 

Students need to feel like they belong in our classrooms. Hosting a student of the week program is such a wonderful way to give students a place. 
What other themes would you like to see 
in my student of the week packets? 
I plan on adding my frog themed packet by the end of the week. 

I hope you have a great week. 

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