Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Long Time, No Blog… and July Currently

My plan to blog every week about the comings and goings in my kindergarten class last year was an EPIC FAIL!!! Being a first year kindergarten teacher coming out of second and third grade I became very very overwhelmed trying to be the best kindergarten teacher I could be. I am so thankful for blogs like Kindergals, First Grade Parade, Mrs. Jump's, and Mrs. Will's kindergarten . They were such wonderful resources! I was very blessed to meet Kim Adsit at the Destination Common Core workshop in November. Those two days changed my teaching career. She had so many amazing ideas and I couldn't wait to head back into my classroom. Going forward, I am planning to blog more often. Learning from other teachers was such an incredible resource and I want to share all the wonderful things my minders are doing each week. 

So what is going on in the Davis household…

Listening:  I LOVE Civil War movies. Gone With the Wind and the North and South trilogy are my favorites. We even honeymooned in Charleston because of the Civil War history. I'm watching the last episode while I work on a new until vocabulary wall for my kinders.

Loving:  Being a mommy is the delight of my life. I absolutely love my two kiddos. Having my summer with them is wonderful. I look forward to my morning snuggles each day. My son will be coming to kindergarten next year. I am so sad. My daughter is two and is a sassy girl! She makes us laugh all the time.

Thinking:  Each day my to do list gets bigger and bigger. Do we really only have a few weeks left before post planning? I will be heading to my school to set up my classroom soon (maybe next week). YIKES!

Wanting:  My husband and I are huge Disney fans. We love Mickey Mouse and so do our kiddos. Last week we took our kiddos to Orlando for a week. It was so much fun. Caroline was definitely one of those kiddos who photo bombed other people pictures if a character was near. I am also really wanting to go to Vegas for the I teach K conference. Maybe next year...

Needing:  We just moved in March into our dream home (yet another reason blogging was put on a back burner). We still have boxes to unpack in our basement. 

4th Plans:  The mister has to work this year on the 4th- he is a Fire Fighter. We are taking the kids on Thursday to see the fireworks near Atlanta. On Friday, I think we are going to eat Mickey waffles and watch a movie. 

I hope you are your families have a wonderful 4th. I'll be back soon with some neat things I am working on in my classroom. 


  1. We are both K teachers in GA too, near Newnan. It CAN be overwhelming, but now that you have your feet wet...I know you'll have a great year. We took our family to Disney for the first time earlier this year. It was GREAT, but I don't know that I'll ever get the hubs back!!! :(

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  3. Girl, I feel you! I had BIG plans to blog about everything this year and it didn't work out! I moved from 10 years in third down to first grade and I seriously thought I was drowning. It was like being a first year teacher all over again. I am looking forward to next year being a lot better!!
    Kickin' It With Class

  4. I had big plans to blog my first two (and a half...) years teaching!! Good intentions for the win, right?! Your Disney trip looks like a great time! Have a blast (hehe) at the fireworks tonight!! :o)
    Munchkins Inc.